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Webhook overview

The data format of webhooks may change without notice!

As webhooks follow the model format of the API you may expect the format to change without notice. Please see the API section for information.

You can add a URL in the webhooks section to receive events from the system in your own applications. This is very useful as you don't need to pool the system for changes, but can just await the EasyInspect platform to send the events. The benefit is faster notifications of changes and less server resources is needed especially for accounts with huge amount of data.

Adding a webhook

Go to the Webhook section in the Admin Section of the Company in Center. You need to have the company admin permission for this operation.
Click the Add a webhook button

Enter the name and URL of you application and press the Add button

You can see the webhook in the list. New events will now be sent to the URL you added.

Webhook overview

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