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Welcome to the EasyInspect Documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with EasyInspect as quickly as possible. Let's jump right in!


Understand the Services

Understand which services are available and what they are used for!

The EasyInspect Suite

The EasyInspect Suite is a collection of services.

As a regular user, you only need to understand the Center and Cloud service as all other services is managed through these.

Inspection Cloud is the website you use for working with Inspections, Analysis and reporting.
Administrative tasks like changing password or managing your company is done in Center.

See a shot description of each service below to get a better understanding.


EasyInspect Center is the central User and Company management system.
This is where you create and edit your personale profile and change your password.
It's also the space where you create your company and manage the package, billing, groups and roles. If you are a developer, you also create oAuth tokens and clients in Center.


Inspection Cloud is the main app of the EasyInspect suite. Everything is connected here, and it's the place user will spend most of their time. Inspection Cloud holds the features of Inspections, Metadata, Databases and Reporting. When users are working in Inspection Cloud, the other services will be called behind the scenes. E.g. images are uploaded directly to Datasets, and data processing like 3D models are being handled in the Mapper service


To achieve a good data analysis, we need a good data structure. Datasets is build to achieve this task as a layer on top of the S3 Storage. A dataset could be of the type images or 3d model. When data is added to a dataset we can validate, tranform and enrich the data.

3D modeling

The 3D modeling service is built to process data into 3D models, point clouds and orthomaps. it also aligns the inspection images into a 3D space which can be used for precise placement of cameras and issues. The mapper service can suggest other images where an issue can be found. Conversion of data between 2D and 3D including measurements is also one of the important Mapper features.


EasyInspect Vision is our Neural Network and Computer Vision system. The vision service is not yet ready for public access, but if you have a high amount of images with the same type of issues, we are able to create computer vision detections for your case. Please contact sales for more information.

S3 Storage

The custom S3 storage is the foundation of being able to run data analysis at speed and scale. Our custom S3 storage solution are build without the normal limits in API calls per second known from Amazon S3, DigitalOcean spaces and others. Due to the very high frequency of data access and transfer for analysis we would also have very high usage costs, so we needed something custom to keep operations costs at a minimum. We do not bill API requests and inbound traffic.

Understand the Services

Understand which services are available and what they are used for!

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