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Datasets Overview

What is a Dataset?

Datasets is an abstraction on top of the S3 Storage which help organize and structure data for data analysis. Each dataset have their own API and input requirements.
To understand each dataset type have a look at the Dataset Types pages.

Where is the data stored?

When you or a service uses the datasets, the binary data is stored in a managed S3 storage bucket.
Company admins can see the bucket name in their admin page. It will be named datasets-companyslug and can't be deleted. We recommend to use the Datasets API to handle the data, as manual upload/renaming or deletion may bring the datasets into a corrupt state not understood by the services.

Is it possible to get raw data access to the dataset?

Yes. Just create S3 Storage keys and you will be able to see the bucket in when you connect with your S3 Storage Clients. You can use the S3 Storage Backup methods for the managed datasets as well.

Datasets Overview

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