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Processing Speed

Due to the complexity of 3D modeling, we are not able to tell how much time is needed.
Expect processing to be in the range of hours or even days on large projects.

The larger the project, the longer the processing time. A project of 2000 images may take about 10 times longer than a project of 200 images, but a project of 10'000 images may take 80 times more instead of 50.

If the project has too much overlap (99% for example), this will dramatically slow down the processing, especially for step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh. If the images are not geolocated, processing will also be significantly slower in step 1. Initial Processing. If processing gets stuck abnormally long in step 1. Initial Processing, it may indicate an issue related to the overlap, initial camera calibration or image content.

Processing Speed

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